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"Together we are going to challenge what you think you know about self-defense.

Most self-defense courses are martial arts techniques adapted for the street. Someone grabs you, this is how you get out of it. Right?

Our system is the opposite.

Here is an example:

Have you ever taken a taxi?

I am sure that before you got into the taxi you checked the ID card matched the driver right?

Of course you did, you are smart. 

Did you sit behind the driver?

Absolutely, because that is the safest place to sit.

But did you check the child lock on the door when you opened it?

Why learn a physical technique on how to stop a taxi driver attacking you in a taxi when you can take a photo of the registration plate and driver on your phone,  check their ID before you get in the car and check the child lock is off on your door.

We protect people for a living, and we see the world differently.

By the way, you will text the photos to your support person telling them this is the taxi and this is the driver taking you home...

You will learn how to outsmart a potential attacker, not out-muscle them."

OK, a little about our professional backgrounds:
We have personally trained thousands of people in our careers. We are:

Ex Army
Ex Police
Ex Iraq Close Protection Operatives (Bodyguards)
Ex Super Yacht Bodyguards (Anti-kidnapping/Anti-Rape)
Ex Surveillance Operatives
Ex Intelligence Managers
Ex Operations Managers
Ex Training Managers
Specialist Trainers

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Thank you! Here is a message from the founder of Protecting Women:

I love my daughter
I love my mum and my sister
My nana was one of my life's greatest friends
(Rest In Peace Nan!)

Violence against women under any circumstances is absolutely NOT acceptable and I will do all in my power, skills sets, experience and knowledge, to train you to never be at the mercy of someone else.

That's why I created 'Protecting Women.' My team has the skills that only 1% of the population have. It is time to pass those skills onto you.

Dion Jensen
Founder - www.protectingwomen.com.au
Founder - www.successforsoldiers.com

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If you have made it this far I look forward to having my team train you.
Womens Self Defence Courses:
Introductory Course:

This course will be run over 4 hours in and out of the classroom, finishing off with another 1-2 hours out in the dark. On the street.

You will learn the following:

1. The law. What you are legally allowed to do to defend yourself
2. Assess your confidence levels
3. Understanding 'The Psychology of Fear' 
4. Understanding the 'Conflict and Violence Thought Process'
5. Learn how to complete a 'Threat Assessment'
6. Understanding 'Ambush Sites'
7. Plan a 'Girls Night Out'
8. Understanding 'Venues'
9. Understanding the mindset of a potential attacker
10. Specialized physical techniques that don't rely on strength
11. A live observation exercise. (Outdoors)
12. Anti-rape skills and techniques introduction

Course Cost: $250.00 AUD (50% discount for the introductory course-normally $500pp)
Class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students to ensure quality training

All races, religions, or employment industry welcome.

To register your interest and be informed of the next available course date please email Dion@successforsoldiers.com